With death sentence on the head, MU’s 5 disgraced men need to shine in front of Derby County

03 Jul 2022 | 08:17 | Football

Next summer, Manchester United will be very determined to bring in some top stars, such as Timo Werner, Jadon Sancho, Jack Grealish. These 3 transactions promise to consume MU a lot of money. This forced the Manchester Reds to liquidate some names that were no longer useful in the squad to increase their budget. And with the Red Devils set to take on Derby County in the FA Cup, the encounter will be an opportunity to help them put several names on the stage. If you don’t want to be pushed away, here are 5 names you need to express yourself:

1. Tahith Chong

MU has given Tahith Chong a chance to play, but the young star’s contract expires this summer, so a departure cannot be ruled out for the Dutch player. Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thinks highly of Chong, so the Norwegian strategist wants to keep him. However, the relationship wasn’t convincing enough to help the 1999-born morning star stay at MU.

Man Utd could give five players last chance under Solskjaer in FA Cup derby - Football

Chong is about to become a free agent.

The 20-year-old winger needs to prove he can stay at Old Trafford in the future. The next game here against Derby County could not be more favorable for Chong to shine. If the Dutch player doesn’t take this opportunity, it will be difficult for him to stay at MU next season.

2. Angel Gomez

Angel Gomes is in a similar situation to Chong as his current contract expires in the summer. Gomez was also backed by Solskjaer, but the 19-year-old talent never impressed. So if the English-Portuguese youngster disappoints Derby County, the chances of him being bounced back by Manchester United are very high.

3. Phil Jones

Phil Jones’ career at Manchester United is coming to an end, and Solskjaer is very confident of using three centre-backs Victor Lindelof, Eric Bailly and Harry Maguire. Jones has only made eight appearances in all competitions since the start of the season, a figure that shows the former Blackburn midfielder is being disgraced.

Man Utd could give five players last chance under Solskjaer in FA Cup derby - Football

Jones doesn’t have much left at the door at MU.

However, there is no shortage of opportunities in the No 4, as Solskjaer needs some players in the squad to rotate on less important playing fields against weaker opponents. Meeting Derby County at dawn the next morning was the chance to help Jones score.

4. Andreas Pereira

Although Andreas Pereira has been used several times this season, the Brazilian midfielder has never made fans happy. When Bruno Fernandes arrived at Old Trafford, Pereira stopped playing regularly.

Man Utd could give five players last chance under Solskjaer in FA Cup derby - Football

Pereira is counting the days to bid farewell to Old Trafford.

In the midfield position, Pereira was also unable to play because of the excellent performances of Fred and McTominay. Arguably, the upcoming clash with Derby County is the perfect time to help the 24-year-old achieve success.

5. Jesse Lingard

For the past year, Jesse Lingard has had to keep the “comedian” label and not just a football player. The 27-year-old is in dire form as fans haven’t seen Lingard assist or score in the Premier League for a long time. The presence of Fernandes has also made Lingard redundant at the club.

Man Utd could give five players last chance under Solskjaer in FA Cup derby - Football

Lingard is not in good shape.

Along with Pereira, Lingard is the next MU big name likely to emerge next summer. Time is running out on the 14th and he needs to prove his worth in the near future. The future will be the FA Cup game against Derby County.


Video of Lingard threading the needle on the training ground:

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