This duo is going crazy next season

29 Jun 2022 | 08:13 | Football

A few hours ago, Barcelona had just met Real Betis in the second round of La Liga at Camp Nou. With both forwards Messi and Suarez out through injury, the onus for all goals fell on the shoulders of expensive rookie Antoine Griezmann.

The 28-year-old striker has not disappointed the leadership and fans, and he has proven he is worth the €120m Barca spend this summer transfer window. After dozens of missed chances, he finally equalized for the hosts in the first half, after Betis’ Nabil Fekir scored from a well-organized Marc-Andre ter Stegen goal. After the goal, a sharp counterattack was carried out.

Messi's reaction after Griezmann shines - Football

Messi is very pleased with Griezmann’s performance.

Going into the second half, Griezmann continued to be the focus of the ball. From the first leg, the French star gave the hosts a 2-1 lead thanks to a superb performance from outside the box.

After that moment, the goal party at Camp Nou was held in front of the fans. Griezmann’s masterpiece seemed to lift the spirits of his team-mates, who scored three more goals before the final whistle.

In the stands, Messi was very satisfied with the performance of the 120 million euro rookie. That got a lot of Coors excited. On social networks, they posted a lot of news related to the two stars mentioned above.

One said: “I swear, the spirit of Messi has taken over Griezmann.” Another said: “The Messi-Griezmann duo will go crazy in the near future.”

Let’s take a look back at last season’s Messi-Suarez combination:

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