Thailand can use the U19 players in the Southeast Asian U23 tournament

12 Jan 2022 | 14:57 | Football

Thailand’s core force for the Southeast Asian U23 Championship in February is likely to be U19 players.

“Thailand U23 can bring U19 players to the Southeast Asian U23 Championship. This issue will be discussed again with the Football Federation of Thailand and announced soon. I believe this decision is not mistake”, Ms. Nuanphan Lamsam, team leader and Thailand U23, shared with the national media.

According to Siamsport , it is likely that the intention to use U19 players is approved. Coach Worrawoot Srimaka of Thailand U23 also urged domestic fans not to make this issue important.


Coach Srimaka will lead the Thai U19 team to the Southeast Asian U23 Championship.

Coach Srimaka will lead the Thai U19 team to the Southeast Asian U23 Championship.

The reason is that the Southeast Asian U23 tournament does not take place during FIFA Day, so it becomes difficult to summon quality players. Many Thai U21 and U23 players play an important role in the club.

The 2022 Southeast Asian U23 Championship will take place in Cambodia from February 14 to February 26. According to the draw results, U23 Vietnam is in Group C along with Thailand and Singapore. Group A has hosts Cambodia, Timor Leste, Philippines and Brunei. Group B is the competition of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos.

Like Thailand U23, Vietnam U23 did not bring the strongest force to attend the tournament. The faces selected by coach Dinh The Nam are mainly through the final round of the National U21 2021.

Teams like PVF and Viettel also do not agree to “release people” when the new season is approaching. Quality players such as Tran Danh Trung, Nguyen Xuan Kien (Viettel Club) or Vo Nguyen Hoang, Huynh Cong Den (PVF) are not present in the U23 Vietnam squad preparing to attend the Southeast Asian tournament.

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