Look at Bruno Fernandes, I see Manchester United make a mistake

13 Jun 2022 | 08:49 | Football

A successful transfer window, but…

The summer of 2019 was when manager Solskjaer spent his first market as United captain and it went very well. All three new contracts the Norwegian strategist has brought to Old Trafford have proved their worth.

In fact, many fans still don’t think Harry Maguire is worthy of his £85m stature, but a look at Victor Lindelof’s performance when the duo teamed up made the player’s Excellent level. compared to his teammates. And so far, the former Leicester City player has done a fantastic job as captain.

Daniel James has shown signs of slowing down, but for £15m, he’s an excellent option for Solsa’s rotation. Wan-Bissaka, meanwhile, kept his form, turning the Reds’ right flank into one of the most difficult areas to penetrate in the Premier League.

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Solsa has a keen eye for people.

However, United not only have to bring in the three players mentioned above, but they also had very high-profile targets last summer, including Bruno Fernandes. At that time, the Red Devils did not try their best to persuade the sports CP to release, which is also the reason why Solsa’s summer transfer window was successful, but not completed. In other words, it was the Red Devils’ mistake.

Difference comes from Bruno Fernandez

United have not had a bad start to the season, but their problem is a lack of creative players. Solsa arranged for Pogba to retreat, which greatly affected his range of motion. Meanwhile, Andreas Pereira or Jesse Lingard have been disappointing in turns in attacking positions. As a result, the attacking players on the Red Devils side did not get enough possession and often had to create their own chances.

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Manchester United’s ‘harmful’ duo.

But the real turning point came when Solsa brought in Bruno Fernandes. Just about every dangerous situation United created has the Portuguese midfielder’s stamp on it. From the center to the wing, Fernandes always knows how to launch an effective attack. Fernandes, who has only made six appearances for the Red Devils, has directly contributed five goals, more than any player at Old Trafford. It is worth mentioning that Manchester United are still unbeaten since the arrival of Fernandes.

In the Premier League alone, Fernandes has levelled Lingard and Pereira’s combined goals and assists in just four games. Another huge difference Fernandez showed was the average number of passes per game (61.8). Those parameters for Pereira and Lingard are… 29.5 and 18.8, respectively. It can be seen that since the appearance of Fernandes, the Red Devils’ offensive players have not been as hungry as before, but have fallen into a state of “passing the ball”.

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Fernandez should have arrived earlier.

If it was decided to start recruiting Fernandes from the summer, United would certainly not be as hard as they are now to find a spot in the top five. Of course, this was a big mistake for them.

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