Klopp: Salah wants to stay at Liverpool

13 Jan 2022 | 12:10 | Football

The Liverpool captain said that Mohamed Salah wants to continue to stick with the Anfield team and that contract negotiations are underway.

“We both know Mo (Salah’s nickname) wants to stay (Liverpool). But that (contract extension) takes time. I can’t interfere in this matter. I think everyone things are still going very well,” Guardian quoted coach Jurgen Klopp.

“I’m pretty sure the fans aren’t as worried as you are (the media). They understand the club, know the people here are dealing with the problem. I think it’s pretty positive. As long as the extension is over. unfinished, we can’t say anything about it. ‘Good talks’ is all I can say,” added the German strategist.

Season 2021/22, Salah has 23 goals and 9 assists for Liverpool. Photo: Guardian .

Season 2021/22, Salah has 23 goals and 9 assists for Liverpool. Photo: Guardian .


At this time, the contract between Liverpool and Salah only has 18 months left. The team leadership wants to keep the Egyptian winger, but the two sides have not yet found a common voice.

Salah always insists he wants to continue to stick with the Anfield team. Therefore, coach Klopp was asked why the contract extension has not been completed.

“These things take time. Salah’s agent is also here. There is nothing to worry about. Mo will still be here this season and the next. All is well and we are still talking with him. Mo is a world-class player, outstanding and has done a lot of great things for Liverpool. Of course, we want to keep him and let’s see how it goes.” speak.

Salah will turn 30 in June. This may be the reason why the Liverpool leadership hesitated, did not want to meet the requirements of the Egyptian star. However, coach Klopp still highly appreciates the student.

He said: “I think Salah can maintain the form when he turns 30 like what Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi have done. He is always determined to train hard, has an unbelievable attitude and way of working. “.

“Mo always knows his body well and knows what to do. He listens to the experts and works to improve all the time. He’s very hard-working and won’t stop. I’m sure he is,” said coach Klopp. To share.

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