Beat Liverpool rejected by Lampard, respond sharply

27 May 2022 | 08:09 | Football

Liverpool continue to lose out against Chelsea in the fifth round of the FA Cup, according to reports. Jurgen Klopp’s pupils and teachers have lost their third successive defeat to Atlético Madrid (Champions League) and Watford (England Premier League). Despite having more possession, the Kop was unable to penetrate the net of manager Frank Lampard’s army.

In contrast, Chelsea showed a very positive side against Liverpool. Willian and Ross Barkley scored twice each in the half, beating all the Reds’ ambitions to claim a treble this season. At present, Liverpool still have 2 Champions League and Premier League games ahead. However, now it seems that the most likely one is the throne of the fog land.

Kepa Arrizabalaga was one of Chelsea’s best stars against Liverpool. The Spaniard is back in the Blues’ starting line-up after a series of games that had to give way to Willy Caballero. Kepa made five saves for Chelsea (according to OptaJoe’s tally) on the day he was trusted by “Super Frankie”.

Kepa Arrizabalaga takes to social media after FA Cup win over Liverpool - Football

Kepa was outstanding against Liverpool.

After the game, Kepa also posted a status bar on social networks:

Not too sublime, but not too bad either.

Kepa’s hidden state line has been understood as always wanting to be able to maintain a consistent form, ready to start for Chelsea at any time. Don’t be criticized by “dog up and down” like last time.

Watch head coach Lampard speak:

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